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March 03 2011

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February 25 2011

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A creative look at the current education system, drawn out...literally. 
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"Kids aren't distracted...they're just looking for more interesting stories from us." 
— Will Richardson
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“Kids learn on the Internet in a self-directed way, by looking around for information they are interested in,or connecting with others who can help them. This is a big departure from how they are asked to learn in most schools, where the teacher is the expert and there is a fixed set of content to master.”
— Mimi Ito, The MacArthur Foundation
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Open Teaching - Network Sherpa

The concept of "network sherpa" projects the role of teacher as one who knows "the terrain", guides students, but who is also led by student interests, objectives, and knowledge. The terrain in this case consists of media literacy (critique & awareness), social networks (connections), and knowledge.

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Platforms for participation, Dr. Michael Wesch explains using social media in the classroom such as Facebook and Twitter.
“If you think that the future will require better schools, you’re wrong. The future of education calls for entirely different learning environments.”
— Knowledge Works Foundation
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'What can you do?' has been replaced with 'What can you and your network connections do?' Knowledge itself is moving from the individual to the individual and his contacts.”
— Jay Cross, Informal Learning
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"We need to move beyond the idea that an education is something that is provided for us, and toward the idea that an education is something that we create for ourselves." 
— Stephen Downes
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